Professional Facility Cleaning Services In Honolulu

For over four decades, Kleenco Corporation has provided professional facility cleaning services to clients throughout Hawaii. Our hand-picked staff is well-trained and professional. We offer janitorial services and specialty cleaning for office buildings, hotels, medical facilities, financial institutions, and shopping centers. Find out more about the specific types of cleaning we do below, and contact our office for a free estimate. We'll put together a quote that reflects your facility's individual needs.

Contract Janitorial

Contract Janitorial Services
Our janitorial services are provided under contract, and may include day-porter service for continuous cleaning during business hours, nightly cleaning, weekend cleaning, or any combination of these. In addition to the regular day-to-day cleaning, we also provide specialty cleaning services for our contract customers.

We are experienced servicing all types of commercial facilities, including the following:
  •  Office towers
  •  Medical offices and clinics
  •  Financial institutions
  •  Hotels
  •  Shopping malls
  •  Parking structures
  •  Condominiums
We are proud and humbled to have provided continuous service to several of our customers for more than twenty years.
With three generations of cleaning experience, there’s no cleaning problem that we haven’t seen. In addition to contract janitorial services, we also provide specialty cleaning services, including the following:
  • Strip and wax all floor types
  • Carpet shampoo
  • Window cleaning
  • Pressure washing
  • Oil stain removal & parking lot maintenance

Specialty Cleaning

Specialty Cleaning Services

Bathroom Sanitizing &

Bathroom Sanitizing & AmeriVap
We also provide bathroom sanitizing services.

Even with regular cleaning, we recommend using the AmeriVap® to periodically sanitize bathrooms and other areas that are prone to bacterial growth and the spread of disease. This is very popular with restaurants that utilize their own staff to regularly clean the bathroom. The Amerivap® is a great addition on a monthly or quarterly basis.

The Centers for Disease Control estimated that the flu cost American businesses $10.4 billion in direct costs for hospitalizations and outpatient visits for adults. Don’t let the flu or other communicable illness impact your business.

The AmeriVap system utilizes no chemicals – only high temperature “dry” steam to kill viruses and bacteria on almost any surface. This system is extremely popular in the healthcare and food service industries for obvious reasons. Highly portable, we can bring our Amerivap to virtually any location.

Kleenco is the exclusive Hawaii provider of the AmeriVap high temperature vapor cleaning system.

What is AmeriVap?

Bathroom Sanitizing & AmeriVap
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